A leader in the field of petrochemical raw materials

Sister and partner companies


Chemplas Holding AG
Management of subsidiaries operating in the petrochemicals segment and trading in plastic raw materials.

B. Bigler AG (Switzerland)
In its role as a reliable distribution partner for high-profile raw materialproducers, B. Bigler AG offers a wide range of plastic raw material products.

Bigler International AG (Switzerland)
International trading activities (global trading in raw materials and specialities).

PRO-plast Kunststoff GmbH (Germany)
Independent producer, international trading organisation. Trading in new product residuals and technical regranulates.

PRO-plast X-Trade GmbH (Germany)
PRO-plast X-Trade GmbH is a purchasing company.

Erich Slupetzky Gesellschaft M.b.h.
Partner in Austria Erich Slupetzky GesmbH, Linz