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B. Bigler AG is a privately owned Swiss company trading in raw materials. We have been buying and selling plastic raw materials and other chemicals in the petrochemical industry around the world for over 35 years.

In its role as a reliable distribution partner for high-profile raw materialproducers, B. Bigler AG offers a wide range of plastic raw material products.

Our broad range of plastic raw materials at a glance...

The core business of B. Bigler consists of delivering the broadest possible range of thermoplastic polymers to our customers on time.
Building on excellent contacts and supply agreements with high-profile global plastic raw materials producers, we are in a position to supply the plastic-processing industry and traders with thermoplastic raw materials, many special polymers, masterbatches and also polymer additives.

Engineering plastics and thermoplastic elastomers from major suppliers like ARKEMA, ASCEND, EXXON, GRECO, RADICI and SOLVAY:

PMMA (Polymethylmethacrylat) ALTUGLAS®
PEBA (Polyether-Block-Amide) PEBAX®
PVDF (Fluorkunststoff Polyvinylidenfluorid) KYNAR®

PA 10.10 (Polyamid)

PA 6.10 (Polyamid)

PA 6.12 (Polyamid)




PA 11 (Polyamid) RILSAN®
PPA (Polyphtalamid) RILSAN HT®
PA 12 (Polyamid) RILSAMID®
PA (transparentes Polyamid)  RILSAN CLEAR®
PA-Alloy (Polyamid-Polyolefin) ORGALLOY®
PA 10.12 (Polyamid) HIPROLON®
PBT (Polybutylenterephthalat) RADITER®
PA (Polyamid 6, 6.6) RADILON®
PA (Polyamid 6.10) RADILON D®
PA (Polyamid 6, 6.6) HERAMID®
POM (Polyoxymethylen copolymer) HERAFORM®
TPC-ET (Therm. Polyester Elastomer) HERAFLEX®
PA (Polyamid 6.6) VYDYNE®
PEEK (Hochtemperatur-Polymer Polyetheretherketon) KETASPIRE®
PAEK (modif. PEEK-Compounds/PEEK-Blends) AVASPIRE®
ABS (Acrylnitril-Butadien-Styrol) ISOPAK®
PC/ABS (Polycarbonat-Acrylnitril-Butadien-Styrol-Blend) ISOPAK®
TPU (Thermoplastisches Polyurethan) ISOTHANE®
ASA (Acrylester-Styrol-Acrylnitril-Terpolymer) ISOPAK®
TPE-V (Thermoplastisches-Elastomer, vernetzt) SANTOPRENE™
TPE-O (Thermoplastisches-Elastomer) VISTAMAXX™
TPE-V (Thermoplastisches-Elastomer, vernetzt)    GEOLAST™

POM (Polyacetal,Polyoxymethylen)

PET (PET mit CO2 + O2-Barriere)

PET (PET mit O2-Barriere)

PET (Special-PET, niedrigviskos, Siegel-PET)






Commodities and bulk polymers from the likes of TOTAL and INVISTA:

PS (Polystyrol, glasklar) TOTAL PS®
PS (Polystyrol, schlagfest) TOTAL PS®
PS (Polystyrol, flammhemmend) TOTAL PS®
PPH (Polypropylen-Homopolymer) TOTAL PP®
PPC (Polypropylen-Copolymer) TOTAL PP®
PPR (Polypropylen-Random-Copolymer) TOTAL PP®

mPP (metallocenes Polypropylen)


PPM (Medical Polypropylen)

TOTAL PP Lumicene®


HDPE (High-Density-Polyethylen, Niederdruck-PE) TOTAL HDPE®
LDPE (Low-Density-Polyethylen, Hochdruck-PE) TOTAL LDPE®
LLDPE (Lineares Low-Density-Polyethylen)   TOTAL LLDPE®

mPE (metallocenes Polyethylen)


PEM (Medical Polyethylen)

TOTAL PE Lumicene®


EVA (Ethylen-Vinylacetat) TOTAL EVA®
PET (Polyethylenterephthalat, thermoplast. Polyester)    POLYCLEAR®

Polymer compounds, masterbatches, colour concentrates and special plastics from polymer producers like CABOT, PALMAROLE, SOFTER, GALLOPLAST, ULTRASYSTEM, POLYBLEND and VIBA:

MB (Weiss-Masterbatches) PLASWITE®
MB (Schwarz-Masterbatches) PLASBLAK®
MB (Additiv-Masterbatches) PLASADD®
COMP (Leitfähige Compounds) CABELEC®
MB (Farben-Masterbatches) VIBATAN®
MB (Antiblock-Masterbatches) VIBATAN®
MB (Antislip-, Gleitmittel-Masterbatches) VIBATAN®
MB (Antistatik-Masterbatches) VIBATAN®
MB (UV-Stabilisator-Masterbatches) VIBATAN®
MB (UV-Barriere-Masterbatches) VIBATAN®
MB (Verarbeitungshilfsmittel, Entformungshilfe-MB) VIBATAN®
MB (Antioxidant-Masterbatches) VIBATAN®
MB (Flammschutz-Materbaches) VIBATAN®

MB (Antibeschlags-, Anifog-Masterbatches)





MB (Chemische Treibmittel, Schäummittel-MB) PALMAROLE®
MB (Nukleierungs-Additive) PALMAROLE®
R-COMP (Reinigungscompounds, Reinigungsmassen) ULTRA PLAST®
PP-COMP (Polypropylen-Compounds) POLIFOR®
PA-COMP (Polypropylen-Compounds) NYLFOR®
PBT-COMP (Polypropylen-Compounds) PIBIFOR®
ABS-COMP (Polypropylen-Compounds) ABISTIR®
PPO-COMP (Polyphenyenoxid-Compounds) NORFOR®
PS-COMP (Polystyrol-Compounds) STIROFOR®
PC-COMP (Polycarbonat-Compounds) CABOFOR®


TPC-ET (Therm. Polyester Elastomer)



FILTER (Filtereinsätze und Siebelemente f. Extrusion)

MB-Biodegradable polymers





In addition, our Germany-based sister company PRO-plast Kunststoff GmbH operates a large-scale surplus exchange covering a wide range of thermoplastic materials in the form of new products, regranulates or TT compounds and other plastic raw materials.

We would also be happy to advise you on sourcing and areas application for any thermoplastic materials or special polymers not listed here. 


Fakuma 2017. International trade fair for plastics processing in Friedrichshafen from 17 to 21 October 2017.

You are welcome to visit us in Hall B2/ booth 2009.

Please find here the action plan of the Bigler team.


New partnership with Polyblend GmbH
As of April 1, B. Bigler AG agreed on an in-depth distribution partnership with Polyblend GmbH for the product portfolio of the filler compounds.



GALLOPLAST S.L expands cooperation with B. Bigler AG
GALLOPLAST S.L, ES Vacarisses, has been working since December 1, 2016 in the future with B. Bigler AG as the official distributor for the Swiss / - & German market together.
The Spanish masterbatch manufacturer is mainly known in the area of white MB under the trade name ProWhite. For questions or further information, please contact your Bigler contact person or write a mailto:info[at]

B. Bigler AG has the certificate ISO 9001 version 2008


Arkema Newsletter

Application in ski boots with Pebax®. more news here.


Solvay expand PEEK production in 2016





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